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Specialty Engineering News - 2007

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River's Edge Raceway, Mission BC

Pregrid Mission BC

line of race cars in the pre-grid formation, first a burgundy Nissan 240SX Specialty Engineering race car, with four other race cars side by side

#83 Nissan 240sx is the sister car to Collin Jackson and Dave Humphrey. It was previously owned by John Boyko who used hand controls in the race car. Specialty Engineering refitted the racing car with brake & clutch pedals and here it is on the pole position for the Group 2 race.

Noel Florack

Race car driver Noel Florack closeup picture in the driver's seat just prior to racing

Ready for the start of the Group 2 race.

Collin Jackson

Race car driver Collin Jackson closeup picture in the driver's seat just prior to racing

Driving the #83, Collin is ready for a good race against Ron Rowse in his #96 Chevy Monte Carlo.


Race car engine built by Specialty Engineering being worked on with the hood off

The racing cars go through multiple check overs to ensure that they are ready for the start of the race.

Bleeding Brakes

mechanic nealihng by red Mazda Miata race car with the wheels off and working on the brakes

The tight Mission Raceway is demanding on brakes. A brake bleed before the race with Motul RBF works great to keep the Miata stopping as it should.

Andy Haglund

red #44 turbocharged race car

The turbocharged 944 heads to the pregrid.


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