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The 5th Peking to Paris Motor Challenge

May 28th to June 29th 2013

The 2013 Peking to Paris route drives from China, through Mongolia, then into Russia and westwards to the Ukraine, Slovakia and Europe on route to the triumphal finish in Paris.

Tony Strelzow / Lee Anne Strelzow 1936 - Bentley Drophead

When Tony & Lee Anne came to Specialty Engineering about their plans to run the Peking to Paris rally in 2013. We were shocked at the scope of the undertaking. They would be traveling through 10 countries in 33 days in the world's longest and toughest car rally, the Peking-to-Paris motor car race. The 13,000 kilometre challenge seemed daunting. After looking through the rule book Andy & Tony came up with a plan. The custom exhaust system was first with a big focus on reliability. After accessing the rough terrain that the Bentley would be traveling through and the vulnerability of the Bentleys brake cables, suspension, steering, oil pan, fuel tank & exhaust. Andy designed a series of under armour to protect it as it drove through the dried river beds, sand bogs and rocky outcrop of the Gobi desert. Next storage and a rear luggage rack to carry the fuel, camping gear and spares was on the list.

We were able to monitor Tony & Lee Anne's journey through their blog or the month long journey. Congratulations finishing 1st in their class, 1st for the European leg of the rally and 4th overall.

peking to paris finish line tony and leeanne waving to the crowd

peking to paris tony and andy

peking to paris bentley on the hoist

peking to paris bentely custom grill getting fabricated

peking to paris bentley closeup of the grill and front of car

peking to paris bentley specialty engineered exhaust pipe

peking to paris underside of bentley amour getting installed

peking to paris bentley armour getting fabricated

peking to paris bentley armour getting fabricated

peking to paris bentley custom work finished


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